Problems in Music Pedagogy is an international refereed journal concerned with all aspects of music pedagogy. Topic areas include music teaching/learning process in a new education paradigm context, music learning outcomes, assessment in music pedagogy process, music teaching and learning activities, music teacher competence in the context of sustainable development, music education institutional responses to current trends. The journal is committed to promoting excellence in these fields by providing an international forum for the debate and evaluation of a wide range of music pedagogy issues and professional concerns.The journal aims to publish articles which will contribute to improving theory and practice in the field of music pedagogy.These articles may variously:

  • raise and debate contemporary issues;
  • report on new research;
  • relate new research to theory;
  • relate theory to practice;
  • offer informed comment on contextual and professional matters;
  • describe cases and their implications for a wider field;
  • discuss a historical movement in terms of its relevance to present and future situations.

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