This research focuses on elementary classroom teacher students’ (N=10) experiences of
art and skill subjects at school and in teacher education. The data was collected by
narrative accounts of students’ experiences of music, visual arts, physical education, and
crafts. Both positive and negative experiences were found from these subjects. Every
respondent had negative experiences in some of the subjects. At worst, the experiences
were so traumatizing that respondents suffered from the consequences even after twenty
years. This shows the importance of the teacher’s behaviour in evaluation and feedback
at school. Young pupils are at a sensitive developmental stage when in elementary school
and at the high school level, as students’ self-conception is still building. The art and skill
subjects may cause students to feel more vulnerable than other subjects, because
everyone can see or hear immediately when something goes wrong. Teacher education
should be developed in a direction where future teachers are emotionally sensitive and
discrete to avoid traumatizing their pupils.
Keywords: Art and skill subjects, experiences, memories, attitudes