This study focuses on student teachers’ experiences of instrument teaching and learning
from a psychoanalytical perspective. The data were collected from Finnish student
teachers from the University of Jyväskylä (N=132) in 2011. They first read a short part
from a book written by Juha Itkonen and were then asked to write a narrative about their
own thoughts and experiences of instrument teaching and learning. The data were
analysed using data-based content analysis, leaning on psychoanalytic theory.
The results show that although changes have been made in Finnish music schools’
curricula, there are still many hidden elements in instrument teaching. This casts a dark
shadow over the instrument students’ learning. Teachers often use ‘black education’
methods by not giving the students any control over the programme or how to perform.
Performance-centred thinking includes elements that destroy the joy, creativity and
enjoyment of instrument training and practice.
Keywords: Instrument teaching, Psychoanalytical point of view, Traumatic experiences