Eveliina NIKALI & Antti JUVONEN & Inkeri RUOKONEN


The purpose of this developmental study is to elaborate the multidisciplinary studies of music education of class teacher education at the University of Turku into a level which will optimally strengthen the skills of students. The research is carried out by means of educational design research with a developmental extract. The focus in this research article explores the use of participatory future workshop activities as a tool for student teachers in curriculum development work. The aim of this research was to find out what
kind of proposals the student teachers (n = 60) made during the eleven future workshops in the development of music education multidisciplinary studies in 2013–2017 and how their proposals and ideas were carried out in real life through the curriculum changes. Finally, we also sought to find out what the overall changes were in the curriculum of music multidisciplinary studies when the initial and final situation were compared after carrying out this part of the research project. All eleven future workshops were video recorded, and the material-based content analyzed. Development ideas raised by students in future workshops were considered and carried out when possible. There were many changes in the two curricula which were implemented during this research. The participatory future workshops for students proved to be very suitable for the development of teacher education curricula.
Keywords: Curriculum development, teacher education music, future workshop, design